High rents, housing affordability and public policy

Sydney is facing a housing crisis. There is not enough housing, and what there is is too expensive. Many people cannot afford to live close to services or work, and many cannot afford decent or adequate housing at all.

Many community services and health professionals report that many of the major problems that people face in our community are directly related to their inability to get adequate housing.

Below are links to some organisations that are actively advocating for better housing policies and outcomes. We have also included links to some research organisations and others that carry useful information, and some community organisations that are active around the issue of affordable housing.

Tenants Union of NSW
Tenants Union of NSW blog on housing issues
Australians for Affordable Housing
Shelter NSW 
National Shelter
Anglicare Rental Affordability report
Australian Housing and Urban Research Centre (for detailed and technical reports on many housing questions) 

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