HNSW: It’s time to fix repairs issues

In late 2011 the Tenants’ Union of NSW, with EATS and the rest of the Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Program (TAAP), identified HNSW repairs practices as a priority for tenancy services across NSW.

Tenants’ experiences have highlighted many deficiencies in the way HNSW deals with repairs, including noncompliance with NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) orders. Something needs to be done to urgently redress the problem.

The HNSW Repairs Campaign aims:

TAAP services have developed kits and resources to help tenants take action to get their repairs done. Services are contacting tenant groups about the campaign. If you want to become involved, or have a repairs issue that has not been fixed, contact your local HNSW tenant group, EATS or your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service.

A number of resources have been developed for HNSW tenants and community workers to help progress the campaign

pdf The Repair Kit – Getting Housing NSW to repair your home
This kit was developed by Redfern Legal Centre and is designed to help tenants understand the processes involved in getting action from Housing NSW in relation to a backlog of maintenance and repair work to properties across the state.

EATS' Housing NSW Tenants Tool Kit
This has been developed by EATS to give tenants who are trying to get repairs done some practical tools that can help you.The items in this kit are also included separately on the Housing NSW and Social Housing Resources page on this site.

Other organisations involved in these activities include

Other Tenants Advice Services 
The Tenants Union of NSW
The Redfern Legal Centre
The Kingsford Legal Centre