Email Advice

The Eastern Area Tenants Service (EATS) can provide advice via email for community members who have difficulty accessing the service during business hours.

Please read the disclaimer bellow before proceeding.

If you wish to request email advice then click on the button at the bottom of the page to access the email advice form.

You may wish to set aside 20-30 minutes to fill it in

Before proceeding to the email request page please take note of the following:

  • Must live in the EATS Catchment area (see EATS' home page for a map )
  • Must fill in all relevant details ont he email advice form
  • For legal reasons, you will have to speak with an EATS representative on the phone for verification purposes. This should take a very short time. You can indicate on the form your best time for this call. Please make sure you nominate a time when you will be available, so that the process is not help up.

Please note this will open a new browser window