Information for Housing NSW and Social Housing Tenants

Housing NSW and Social Housing
Getting into public housing – an easy to follow outline of what you need to address and the things you need to do to get onto the Housing Pathways list for public and community housing.

The Housing NSW Repairs Kit
produced by the Redfern Legal Centre. This kit covers all aspects of what public housing tenants need to do to get necessary repairs done to their properties. The kit includes legal outlines, sample letters, checklists, and vital information for tenants who may take repairs issues to the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.

The Housing NSW Repairs kit – in Russian!

pdf EATS Tenants’ Tool Kit
A collection of a fact sheet, the Housing NSW Repairs Diary, a sample CTTT application and sample diary to help Housing NSW tenants get repairs done.

Housing NSW Repairs Diary
This is a handy little resource for public housing tenants to keep track of the repairs issues. It can be downloaded and printed out for each repairs issue you have. The page includes useful information, and a straightforward way for tenants to record important information, should the repairs that they need not be done properly or on time.


Dealing with your HOUSING
Dealing with housing problems when things go particularly wrong. This pamphlet was written primarily for people who find themselves in prison. It provides a concise outline of what you need to do if you are behind in your rent, if you get evicted and have to safeguard your stuff, and for dealing with Housing NSW or finding other housing when you get out.

Follow this link to the Tenants NSW web site. This site contains fact sheets about all aspects of tenants’ rights, which can be viewed on-screen or downloaded and printed out. It also contains contact information for all tenants advice and advocacy services, and sample letters that tenants can use as a guide when writing to your landlord.

Some sample forms, filled in with made up examples
pdf A sample application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, showing how a tenant could fill out an application to deal with a relatively simple problem. This example deals with repairs. Tenants who want to use this sample as a guide should use their own details, and check the application form for the appropriate section numbers of the Act. You can use the link below to download a NCAT Social Housing Application form.
pdf An example of how a tenant could use the Housing NSW Repairs Diary (see above) to keep a record of important details related to repairs issues that they want Housing NSW to attend to. You could use this example as a guide to filling in the diary pages that you download (see above).
Link This link takes you to the Social Housing application form at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal website. You can use the form to apply on-line, or download it, fill it in and post it to NCAT or drop it in to the Sydney Registry.